Hurry and Lock In Your NEM 2.0 Savings with a New Solar System or Battery/Panel Expansion. Get your System Design and Application in Before the 4/13 Deadline for Full Savings.

Go Solar Before the NEM 3.0 Net Billing Tariff on April 13 to Lock In Savings

NEM 3.0, also known as the Net Billing tariff, will reduce energy bill savings for homeowners by as much as 75% by drastically cutting the rate of payback for excess power pushed back to the grid. But you can keep the NEM 2.0 benefits if you act now.

Californians in Southern California Edison (SCE), San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E), and Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) territories can be grandfathered into NEM 2.0's larger savings and higher payback rates for the next 20 years, but only if Interconnection Applications are submitted by the April 13, 2023 deadline.

New or modified solar system plans must be submitted with the application to qualify under NEM 2.0:

  1. Install a home solar system to maximize energy savings and incentives, or
  2. Expand your system with more solar panels for greater energy savings, or
  3. Add battery storage to reserve energy for home use during peak times.

SolarMax has scaled up and is fully prepared to efficiently design your home solar system and all documentation needed for your Interconnection Application.

Get your system design and application in the works:

  • Set up an appointment for a free solar consultation with one of our highly trained Renewable Energy Consultants for a new home solar system design.
  • Interested in a battery? We got you covered. SolarMax partners with the top tier battery manufactures to ensure your battery needs are met.
  • Want to expand your current system with additional solar panels? We can identify the most effective design updates and solar products to maximize your system expansion.
  • SolarMax will contact you for measurements, our designers will start designing, your plans will be thoroughly reviewed, then you will receive your layout to review and approve via DocuSign
  • As solar system design and installation experts, SolarMax is well-versed in the Inteconnection Application process, providing the necessary documentation and support for our customers.

Don't wait - your home solar system savings will be substantially limited if you miss the 4/13 deadline. Contact SolarMax and get the process started.