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Want to switch from SDG&E to your own Solar Utility and start saving with the sun?

When you go solar with SolarMax Technology, you start saving money immediately with a low, predictable rate that is much lower than what you are currently paying to SDG&E.

SDG&E has asked state regulators for a 7.5% annual rate increase – Not only that, it is estimated that electricity rates will double over the next 20 years. We have to ask ourselves if we can afford the future cost of electricity from our utility provider.

Solar energy savings over time

Lock in a low rate for the next 20 years with SolarMax Technology

As electricity rates rise, the cost of going solar has never been more affordable. Where do you want to be when SDG&E raises their rates again? SolarMax Technology wants you to smile knowing that you made the smart choice to go solar today.

Financial benefits of switching to your Solar Utility:

Lock in a predictable low rate for 20 years

$0 down installation available

No waiting for tax credits to start saving

Eligible to purchase system after 5 years

SolarMax Technology offers quality you can trust:

20 year worry-free warranty

Daily system monitoring

Free maintenance and repairs

Guaranteed performance

20 year comprehensive insurance policy

Solar installation is simple and easy

SolarMax Technology is Southern California’s leader in installing solar panels on over 6,000 homes. We take care of everything from installation, to submitting permits, and working with your city. We make it simple and easy for you to switch to your new solar utility.

Want an estimate on just how much money you will save on your monthly bill?

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* Monthly utility bill savings is hard to estimate because every home has different power consumption needs and power production capability. We often do see our customers get some pretty significant savings even in their first year after going solar. Call us for a personalized estimate on how much money you could save.

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