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Since the 1970s, energy efficiency in California has saved Californians $90 billion on their utility bills, created hundreds of thousands of efficiency jobs and will have avoided the pollution from at least 30 power plants, according to a new report. The report, published by the Natural Resources... Read More

The U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon is a collegiate solar competition that began in 2002 and held biennially since 2005. This year, the Solar Decathlon will take place in Irvine, California, where college teams from around the country are challenged to design, build and operate solar-power... Read More

According to Cost of Solar, the average price of going solar in the U.S. dropped 50 percent in the past five years alone. There has never been a better time to go solar. The latest publication from the U.S. Department of Energy's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Tracking the Sun VIII: The In... Read More

The cost of solar panel installation has never been lower. In fact, it has dropped 50 percent in just the last five years, according to a report published by the US Department of Energy's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory this month.  2014 was the fifth consecutive year that saw solar costs de... Read More

Do you want to switch to solar power, but are held back by not knowing all the benefits and disadvantages of solar? There are plenty of misconceptions floating around regarding solar energy, so it is normal to be a little hesitant about making the investment. Here are some of these myths debunked in... Read More

2015 has been a record-breaking year for solar energy adoption in the U.S., with both residential and utility-level solar programs expanding nationwide. In this post we'll run through the ten states with the fastest-growing solar energy programs.     1. California Year after year, California l... Read More

California cities make up five of the nation's 15 most solar-friendly cities, according to a report by the  Environment California Research and Policy Center . Los Angeles and San Diego top the list, having installed the highest and second-highest solar photovoltaic (PV) capacities in the country, r... Read More

Google certainly wants you to turn to solar energy. The company's recently unveiled Project Sunroof an online tool that analyzes satellite images of your home or building and calculates its solar power potential. Then, after constructing a 3-D model of your rooftop, the tool provides an estimate reg... Read More

The Navy announced last week that it will buy power from a massive solar farm in Arizona to help power 14 military installations in what is the largest renewable energy purchase by the U.S. government to date. The solar facility is currently under construction about 60 miles west of Phoenix, and i... Read More

In this post, we highlight some of the most important breakthroughs of the last 176 years in solar energy technology and policy: 1839 : Edmond Bequerel, a budding 19-year-old Parisian scientist, discovered the photovoltaic effect when he realized that two electrodes in an electricity-conducting so... Read More

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