In the midst of California's record-setting drought, researchers at the University of California's Advanced Solar Technologies Institute (UC Solar) are using the power of the sun to make water desalination cheaper, more accessible and cleaner. With soil drying out and water shortages running rampa... Read More

Shows Potential for Commercial-Scale Storage and Distribution RIVERSIDE, Calif.--( BUSINESS WIRE )--Only a year after flipping the switch on a $10 million carbon-free energy system powered by SolarMax Technology-donated panels, the University of California Riverside Center for Environmental Technol... Read More

K-12 Teachers Stock Up on Donated Reading Material for Kids RIVERSIDE, Calif.--( BUSINESS WIRE )--An estimated 300 teachers, from the Coachella Valley all the way to Los Angeles, recently surrendered their Saturday morning and afternoon for a trip to SolarMax Technology ( ) headqua... Read More

Innovative Curriculum Debuts in San Bernardino County High School (RIVERSIDE, CA) – One girl likes the idea of helping families own their power supply at home.  Her classmate prefers the eco-friendly nature of a solar-powered world, while another wants to learn how solar panels are installed on ro... Read More

This week, the White House announced $120 million in programming designed to scale up solar energy across the country. In a series of executive actions, the president outlined his plan to fund projects in 24 states that encourage the technological innovation, growth and cost reduction necessary to b... Read More

Last week, the California State Assembly passed SB 350, a bill that promises to boost renewable energy and make buildings twice as efficient as before. Officially named The Clean Energy and Reduction Act, the bill would require utilities to provide 50 percent of their electricity generation from ren... Read More

While solar power has shown itself to be renewable, cost-effective and carbon-free, it is its resiliency that is saving Californians during the state's severe drought. In what the American Geophysical Union dubs the "most severe drought in the last 1200 years," California's water levels have dropp... Read More

This June, utility-scale solar generators output 31 times more electricity than they did a decade ago, according to new research from the U.S. Energy Information Administration.  While there was recent buzz surrounding the proliferation of residential solar panels, utility-scale solar projects (th... Read More

Amid the past year of record-breaking solar growth across the country, the residential market has grown the most. American homeowners added 437 megawatts of solar capacity last year, enough to power more than 71,000 houses. If you are thinking about cutting your energy costs and carbon footprint as... Read More

Last year, California added nearly 7,500 new solar energy jobs, with another 10,000 expected for 2015, according to The Solar Foundation's California Solar Jobs Census. The 16 percent growth in the solar market last year brought California's total number of solar jobs to 54,690, 31 percent of all so... Read More

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