How Solar Works

So how can the sun power your home? It’s simpler than you might think.

Solar 101

  • Solar panels convert the sun’s energy into electricity.
  • The inverter changes the current from DC to AC, enabling it to power electrical items.
  • The electricity passes through a breaker box to outlets in your home.
  • Excess power is then sent to the utility grid, which spins an electric meter backwards through “net metering.” Net metering lets the customer get full credit for the retail value of any power the system generates.

Net Metering

The utility company monitors how much energy you consume every month. During daylight hours, you send extra power back into the grid, and then draw power back at night. The utility company then compares how much energy you produced against how much energy you consumed at the end of the month. You will either “bank” credit that will be rolled towards the next month, or you will pay the net difference to the utility company.