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Why Solar

If money fell from the sky, would you catch it? Energy is m​​oney, and it’s falling from the sky in the form of sunlight. Harvesting that power is a smart and responsible investment.


Save Money, Every Month

If your bill is over $100 SolarMax can immediately reduce your monthly energy cost. With manufacturing, financing, and installation done in­-house, you get the maximum savings advantage.


Energy and Equity

Not only will you save on monthly utility bills, the value of your home will increase because with SolarMax you own your energy.


Big Impact, Small Footprint

The average residential solar panel system reduces CO2 emissions equivalent to taking a sedan completely off the road each year.


Freedom From the Electric Company

In California, energy rates have increased an average of 6.5% EACH year. With SolarMax, you’ll lock in low rates saving thousands off your energy bills for decades.

Our Services

Let us help you make the best decision about solar energy based on your home’s characteristics and your energy needs.

Your home and goals are unique to you. We understand that, so every SolarMax system is perfectly customized
after a detailed consultation. You get exactly what is best for you ­ all the features you want, without paying
for anything you don’t want or need.

We make it smooth and effortless.

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